April 27: Poetry Reading by the Wyomissing Poetry Practicum Group

Don’t forget!  Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27 from 6 pm-8 pm at the Wyomissing Public Library, for a poetry reading by members of the Wyomissing Poetry Practicum, including Kirsten P. Haas.  Also participating will be students of Heather Thomas, former Berks County Poet Laureate, who is currently teaching “Vision to Revision”, a poetry writing class at The GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA.
The Wyomissing Poetry Practicum is led by current Berks County Poet Laureate Nancy Yeager and meets every Thursday from 1:30 pm- 3 pm at the Wyomissing Public Library (9 Reading Boulevard, Wyomissing, PA).

Primary Day

Remnant of Monday’s moon
hangs in mid-sky
just over the Japanese maple
on the corner of the bank drive-thru window.
The clean freshness of just-cut grass
peppers the morning mugginess.

Cars roll by
a succession of wheels
on the way to

I watch the morning world from
the brown metal chair
in the corner.

A respite from my brisk walk
down the hill
to the synagogue
to cast my vote.

I wonder
how my actions might impact
this microcosm
this morning world
on the corner.

Is it as simple as ordering
a cup
of coffee?

After Art Class

She shuffles along
the mud-streaked wood floor
punctuate the forward push
of each foot.


She cautiously lowers herself onto the bench.

against the wall

she patiently waits
amid the whirlwind of art students coming and going.

She catches her breath.

A smile slowly spreads
as she admires the field of golden sunflowers
captured forever on painted canvas

by her own