About Kirsten P. Haas

Kirsten Haas is an editor and writer of content both creative and technical.  Her professional journey started in the corporate world of specialty steel then transitioned into the nonprofit realm.  Kirsten has a BA in Political Science and an MMC in Mass Communications, both from the University of Georgia.  She is a native of Hawaii; grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia; and currently resides in Southeastern PA.  Kirsten enjoys college football (the Georgia Bulldogs first, SEC teams second, and then everyone else), reading, running (sort of) and vodka martinis.

Follow Kirsten’s blog at witticismsobservationsotherfoolishness.wordpress.com.

Contact Kirsten at kphaas06@gmail.com to discuss freelance editing or writing projects.

Stay tuned to this site for more samples of Kirsten’s work and updates on current projects.

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